Planting Up Hollingdean

Neighbourhood: Hollingdean

Amount requested: £4,500 (maximum available £4500 out of a £9000 pot)

Description:  This project proposes to plant numerous trees and plants throughout Hollingdean. These trees will:

Hollingdean tree planting

  • Embellish the neighbourhood
  • Provide wildlife habitat and corridors
  • Some trees would provide food for the residents

The project will be delivered in partnership with the charity Brighton Permaculture Trust (BPT), and a proportion (£1200 of the £4500 applied for) will be used as match funding with BPT’s orchard programme and increase in value to approximately £4000 and be used for:

  • Fruit tree planting courses
  • Planting of 16-20 fruit trees
  • Follow up visits
  • Places on an Orchard Care course
  • Community chef or traditional apple press juicing sessions

The remaining £3300 will be spent on trees, plants, materials and running planting days.

Schools, older residents (evergreens), etc. will be encouraged to get involved. Surveys will be conducted and Brighton and Hove Council’s Housing, City Parks and Highways will be consulted where appropriate.

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